, Approved Centre Registration, Next Car Check & ClickCarServicing

2021 Approved Service & Repair Centre Programme

, Approved Centre Registration, Next Car Check & ClickCarServicing

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2021 Approved Service & Repair Centre Programme
Customers to your door – with no catch!
Why become an Approved Service & Repair Centre?

We conduct thousands of vehicle checks every month! Being an Approved Centre puts your business in front of thousands of customers who require Pre-Purchase Checks, Service, MOT, Repairs and more…!

, Approved Centre Registration, Next Car Check & ClickCarServicing

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Why do our customers request a pre-purchase inspection?

Before buying a car, our customers love the piece of mind that comes with having the vehicle inspected by a Next Car Check Approved Technician. 

Our pre-purchase inspection checklist focuses on physical inspections similar to that of  a Vehicle Health Check.

What is the difference between the types of pre-purchase inspection?

We offer our customers two different levels of used car inspections with our premium pre-purchase inspection being the most comprehensive and detailed service.

Our Enhanced pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • 220-point mechanical and visual structural inspection (including inspection of the fuel system, exhaust system, vehicle underside condition, clutch and transmission checks, brake hydraulics, front and rear suspension checks, water pump operation)

  • Road test

  • Vehicle report emailed to the customer

  • Full interior, bodywork and paint inspection

  • Free phone consultation with the technician afterwards

  • Vehicle raised to conduct more thorough inspections

  • Electronic diagnostic check

  • Photos included in the report

Our standard pre-purchase inspection includes:

  • 150-point mechanical and visual structural inspection (including checks on fluid levels, front and rear brake disks/pads, electrical controls, tyres)

  • Road test

  • Bodywork inspection

  • Vehicle report emailed to the customer 

  • Free phone consultation with the technician afterwards

All our inspection checklists include a road test to examine the condition of important features such as the steering and braking, and give a clear idea as to whether a vehicle is roadworthy.

Does the customer have to be present during the inspection?

No, although most perspective buyers want to be present for the check.

What’s the benefit to your business?

  • We pay you directly, on the day for the inspection. You will earn £60.00 for every Standard inspection and £100.00 for every Enhanced Inspection.
As an Approved Centre you will also benefit from;
  • 1.44 Million Google impressions
  • Access to our Service Plan customer database.
  • Immediate, same day payment from us, for all Service Plan work you complete for our customers.
  • Access to thousands of customers looking for garage services right now… in your area!
  • Location Driven Advertising.
  • Monthly Direct marketing to thousands of ‘MyNextCarCheck’ members (fulfilled by our inhouse marketing team).
  • Hosted Approved Centre Page.

Maintenance Subscription Customers

What prices can I charge for Service and MOT work?
We pay;

  • £89.00 inc VAT for Bronze Servicing (oil and filter plus VHC)
  • £139.00 inc VAT for Silver Servicing (as Bronze plus Pollen Filter)
  • £239.00inc VAT for Gold Servicing (as Silver plus Airfilter and Sparkplugs*)
  • MOT Tests £30.00
  • Bolt-on’s such as Specialist Oil Surcharges, Brake fluid changes, Fuel Filters, Coolant Changes etc are priced at your usual rates and charged directly to the customer.

Remember – We pay you before the customer drives away!

What does it take to become an Approved Centre?

To become a Next Car Check Approved Centre you must;
  • Have a minimum of a 3.5 star Google review status.
  • Be a U.K. registered company.
  • Be a member of The Motor Ombudsman or be an Approved Centre for the RAC, AA, Bosch etc