Partner Network

(no registration or monthly fee)

The work comes to you

We send details of local jobs in your area to your smartphone. All these jobs pay £65-£85 per hour and are quoted using technical data and Euro Car Parts retail prices.

Get paid

Once all the work is compete you can invoice the customer directly, or via our secure payment system to receive your earnings into your bank account immediately.

Real life example (completed 21/09/2022):

2015 Audi A6 2.0tdi

Front and rear brake discs and pads = £486.08

Job time = 2.0hrs

Our fee = 25%

Partners Gross Income = £388.26

If you have any questions, just ask. You can reach our Network coordinator, Molly, via WhatsApp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many bookings will I get if I join the network?
This is totally dependent on how far you are willing to travel 
What fees do you charge?
We only charge a commission on the bookings you choose to accept and complete which covers payment processing, marketing, customer service and other costs incurred.
How do I get paid and how long do I wait until I get paid?
Payments you receive are processed through a third party secure payment platform. Payments from your account to your nominated bank account can take up to 1 hour. 
Who pays me, you or the customer?
You are paid directly by Clickcarservicing
How do you take your commission, do I have to send you the money?
Commission is charged automatically so you don’t need to do a thing. 
How long after sending my documents will it take before I complete the vetting process?
Once you have made your payment, our onboarding team will contact you. This will normally take up to one working day. 
How quickly after completing the vetting process will I be able to accept bookings?
Instantly! You can accept your first booking after going live on our system.
What qualifications and insurance do I need to join the network?
As a professional mechanic you shall need Motor Trade insurance, Public Liability insurance, vehicle maintenance qualifications (at least NVQ/C&G Level 2). 
I don’t have any formal training or qualifications, can I join?
We understand some mechanics may have worked in the industry for many years but may have no formal training or qualifications. We consider these applications on a case by case basis.